TRAVEL INDIAN RIVER DISTRICT SITKA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK MOLLER FIELD SITKA NATIONAL CEMETERY GAVAN HILL TRAIL HEAD CEMETERY RUSSIAN CEMETERY S e w a r d Monastary H i r s t K i n c a i d O b servatory Ha r b o r D r J e f f D a v i s E t o l i n O j a B i o r k a Baranof FinnAlley M errill Degroff Lake Sirstad A St. P h e r s o n V e r s t o v i a Siginaka Marine E r l e r Spruce Hemlock De Armond Andrews N e w A r c h a n g e l Kogwanton (Back) Thomsen Harbor ANB Harbor Crescent Harbor Swan Lake O ' C o n n e l l B r i d g e JAPONSKI ISLAND Sealing Cove Harbor C o l l e g e S I T K A S O UND INDIAN RIVER ALEUTSKI ISLAND ALICE ISLAND SITKA CHANNEL Prince s s O s p r e y O'Cain Lakeview C r a b a p p le Olga Otter A r r o whead 1 s t S h e n n e t Austi n Charles B a h r t Hollywood Ba r l o w K e l l y M e t l a k a t l a Seward A irpor t R oad Mo ller Gavan ©1998 MAP DESIGN: ALISON CAPUTO Geodet ic P a r k Tlingit A L A S K A Downtown Walking Tour T o n g a s s American Barracks L in c o ln L i ncoln La keStre e t Katlian Maksoutoff St . John Brady Dr. I n d i a n R i v e r R d . AIRPORT (1/2 mile) 18 14 2 6 15 3 5 1 7 A B C I 9 O'CONNELL BRIDGE VISITORS’ DOCK D D 4 13 16 19 1 2 3 6 9 A B C D E F G H I 1/4 MILE 10 8 11 17 SIDEW ALK 4 5 7 8 12 B C D E A 9 10 8 1 2 5 4 6 7 3 11 12 14 16 17 18 19 13 15 O j a E t o l i n LUTHERAN CEMETERY Halibut Point Road S a w m i l l C r e e k R o a d RUNNING/BICYCLING PATH continues to Whale Park (7 mi) b o o o o o o l Hotel ATM WiFi (city) SITKA CANCER SURVIVOR’S SOCIETY - PATH OF HOPE 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 E to Old Sitka Dock (5.5 miles from downtown) Princess Maksoutoff's Grave – Lutheran Cemetery Russian Block House Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House ANB Hall Totem Square Sitka Pioneer Home Castle Hill Building 29 Sitka Lutheran Church St. Michael's Cathedral Geodetic Survey House (White House) Sitka Public Library Harrigan Centennial HallVisitor's Center and Sitka History Museum Russian Bishop's House/Museum St. Peter’s by-the-Sea Epis. Church Sheldon Jackson (AK) State Museum Ahlgren Aquarium and SJ Salmon Hatchery Sitka Nat. Historical (Totem) Park Visitor's Center and Totem trail Alaska Raptor Center Sitka Community Hospital USFS Ranger District Office Hames Center Grocery Store Post Office Restroom Crosswalk AREA DETAILED IN DOWNTOWN PHOTO VISITORS' DOCK CRESCENT HARBOR Waterfront B&B Lodging Fishing Charter Packages 1-800-770-2628 or 907-747-3232 28 years of GENUINE ALASKAN HOSPITALITY! 323 SEWARD STREET A NON-PROFIT VOLUNTEER GROUP DEDICATED TO ASSISTING SITKANS. Come explore our shop! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! CALL US FOR A DESTINATION RIDE OF ANY LENGTH OR GO FOR A TOUR OF OUR SCENIC SOUTHEAST ALASKA COMMUNITY. (907) 747-8888 HANKSCAB.COM CLEAN, FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE! SITKA'S PREMIERE CANNABIS SHOP BUDS | JOINTS | EXTRACTS | EDIBLES OPEN 10am -8pm EVERYDAY 1321 SMC RD #J 907.623.0605 MARIJUANA HAS INTOXICATING EFFECTS AND MAY BE HABIT FORMING AND ADDICTIVE. MARIJUANA IMPAIRS CONCENTRATION, COORDINATION AND JUDGMENT. DO NOT OPERATE A VEHICLE OR MACHINERY UNDER ITS INFLUENCE. THERE ARE HEALTH RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONSUMPTION OF MARIJUANA. FOR USE ONLY BY ADULTS 21 AND OLDER. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. MARIJUANA SHOULD NOT BE USED BY WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR BREAST FEEDING. SHOPPING DINING CULTURE 2018•2019 FREE TRAVEL GUIDE! A YEAR ROUND GUIDE TO TRAVEL, SHOPPING, DINING, AND CULTURE ON ALASKA’S EVERGREEN COAST! SELF-TOUR WALKING GUIDE PAGE 15 MAP INSIDE!