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Attention all runners! Prepare for a thrilling 7-mile mountain race set in a pristine, magical paradise. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Southeast Alaska while enjoying the excitement of this adventurous run.

Registration Opens April 24 at 7 am Alaska Time. The run is limited to 125 participants. Runners must be a minimum age of 15 years old and be able to complete the course in 2.5 hours.

The trail starts at St. Gregory's Catholic Church parking lot and ends at the Harbor Mountain picnic area, spanning seven miles. It begins at sea level, goes up Baranof Street, through the Gavan Hill Trail to the Cross Trail, then up to the Gavan Hill ridge with a 2,500-foot elevation gain. The course traverses hills, valleys, rock slides, and stunted growth forests, offering stunning alpine vistas. The descent down Harbor Mountain Road in the last half-mile leads to the finish. Safety is ensured by Sitka Mountain Rescue volunteers, and timing stops at 2.5 hours from the start.

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To request entry, email christinemariehoran@gmail.com for a registration form and instructions. No early or Facebook requests accepted. Local runners can drop forms and fees in a designated box. Visiting runners will receive return instructions with the registration form. Entry fee is $50, which includes a t-shirt.

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