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The Change Your Latitude—57 ° North Open Water Challenge is now open for registration. It is the furthest north open water swim and offers an adventure like no other. Organized by the Baranof Barracuda Swim Club in Sitka, Alaska, this renowned event attracts swimmers seeking a unique and challenging experience in the cold, pristine waters of Sitka Sound.

Swimmers can choose from various distances, including 10k (6.2 miles), 6k (3.7 miles), 3k (1.9 miles), and 1k (0.6 miles) options. Solo and relay options are available for each distance. Water temperatures during the event typically range from the mid to upper 50s Fahrenheit, adding an extra element of challenge to the swim.

This event is known for its stunning natural surroundings, including mountain backdrops, salmon sightings, and the occasional sea lion encounter, making it a truly unforgettable open-water swim experience.

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